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About Us

 My goal is to have a boredom-buster site.. Tym2laff  ( Time to Laugh) is not just about humor. Its all about having fun while learning. For us to relax and have a time  to laugh.

     Life is full of hardship and pain. Everyday we try to struggle to survive and win in the end, but the moment we try harder, the harder it gets. We are forcing ourselves to resolve it, not knowing that we are just suppressing the solution , blocking the better. Relax! give yourself a break.. and a time to laugh! To freshen up your mind, be open for a new idea, to have a new beginning... for better solution!

Time to laugh is all about the crazy happenings of our world. If you’re looking for entertainment, humour, bizarre events, unique travel destinations, weird inventions, filipino culture, funny stuff, freaky characters or odd art, you’ll most likely find here. Simply put, TYM2LAFF is a collection of entertaining stuff  gathered from all around the world.
With all the crazy stuff happening on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up, so if you find something you think deserves a place among the bizarre &oddities, funny on this site, get in touch, inform us and share it with the rest of us.

TYM2LAFF Make it a Habit! Your new online magazine.




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