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July 18, 2011

Adsense Trouble

    I've been trying to apply for adsense for my Jaidens Crazy World  blog for 7 days now and been rejected for the same reason : Page type.... I've read all the their policy and the terms and condition,. All of the content of my new blog is original .. and I made some research what I've read  if you are living  in  Asian country, your blog must be 6 months old and keep posting original and useful site.. but when I check my code of my template because my page said its a type of web squatting and found some hidden code about some site and promoting ads, I erased that code and decided to erase that code and use some templates offered by blogger just to make sure.. after 24 hours now I have a mail that saying I must allow the robot.txt in able to be confirmed.. what robot? I didn't to anything about code preventing there web spider nor a robot from adsense to check my site... they are recommending me to check in lynux.tx and totally clueless what is that! 


love2type said...

i had blogspot once and i had adsense too but i was blocked due to illegal clicking. nyahah. I wonder how they ever found that out. i did ask all my relatives and friends around the world to click it for me. :)




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