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April 30, 2010

Top 10 Most hated Pinoy Politician

     A few more days and the Philippines will have a new set of Government officials. And hope that Filipino should vote wisely. Pinoy election is like a carnival show, very entertaining.  Politician will do anything just to get the vote, from singing, dancing and acting. Yes acting! You read it right! They are good actor. Good of portraying a saint!
    Today I gather a list of most hated politician. I gathered all the most controversial, the politician who rock our world, the one who put Philippines in international limelight in a shameful way.

Click here To Read who made it to the top 10 spot

Tessie Aquino Oreta
     Filipino will never forget the former senator and being tagged as a "Dancing Queen" after the nation saw  her famous victory dance in the senate session hall in 2000 after the majority in the Senate voted to block the opening of the second envelope allegedly containing evidence against Joseph Ejercito Estrada. When she asked why did you dance like a dancing queen? She didn't answer but ask for forgiveness. Tessie Aquino-Oreta offended Filipino people and never get the chance to be a senator again.  From showing her talent of being a good dancer, she's a disgraced to Aquino clan.

Luis "Chavit" Singson
     Former Ilocos Governor made it to number nine  because He is the most hated in every women's group from his recent scandal of  allegedly beating his partner Rachel Tiongco. Tagged as the godfather of Gambling. Accused in numerous killing. Even he denied the allegation of being a mastermind behind the killing of Ilocos Sur Provincial auditor Agustin Chan for investigating the wealth of Chavit, No one believed him and most people distrust him even he is the star witness in Joseph Estrada case.

Antonio Sanchez
     Former Caluan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez is the perfect example of Devil in disguise, His public image was a devout catholic, active in church and had a lot of collection of Blessed Virgin Mary but his shocking persona been revealed as a monster. A well known mafia in his town, A man behind kidnapping and killing Aileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez.

Gringo Honasan
     Former Senator Gringo Honasan , a long time coup plotter, He led a series of failed coup against the administration of Cory Aquino and being accused as the ring leader of July 27,2003 oakwood mutiny. The people of the Philippines get tired of it, because it is an obvious lost-lost situation that only affect the economics. As of this now he is still hiding....

Panfilo "Ping" Lacson
     A former director of Philippine National Police. A Senator that been links to various murder cases,  the killings of political publicist Salvador Dacer, Emmanuel Corbito, a man accused of being behind the killing of  eleven members of a  Kuratong Baleleng, been accused of killings of many crime suspects. A real model politician, a lot of pending case for him. he need a lots of explaining to do. Filipino people needs to know the truth, no matter what he say his departure from the country proves somewhat guilty of accusation and treated as fugitive.

Joseph Ejercito Estrada
      The first President who went to impeachment trial, dubbed as a jueteng lord, father of all gambling lord. His alliance tried to stop the 2nd envelope of evidence that leads the masses to go out and join in People Power II. Erap has been dubbed as a Man without honor, his famous line “Walang kumpa-kumpare. Walang kai-kaibigan....” and a statement in national tv declaring  that he will not run for president, at first he really deny it that he didn't say that and it was awkward moment for him when when Ted failon show "Failon Ngayon"  showed the entire video... He will do everything just to regain his power and he succeeded finding a loophole in Philippine Law, and he was able to run for President again.  Philippines will be laughing-stock of other country if he win the presidency.

Imelda Marcos
     Imelda Marcos is synonymous with having a huge shoe collection, living in extravagant life. She is famous and most hated first lady in the Philippines and even use her name in urban dictionary, "imeldific" meaning extravagant, frivolous and excessive. The widow of  Fernando Marcos amassed great wealth and was charged dozens of times for illegally earning it.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
With a negative fifty three(-53) public satisfactory, you can never go wrong that President Gloria Arroyo will be on our list.  From her famous Hello Garci Scandal, to ZTE scandal,  her unexplainable wealth, to her breast implant scandal... Do I need to say GMA  is power hungry? From the January 2001 Edsa II to her famous controversial victory of May,2004 election and now she is running for Congress in Pampanga.

Andal Ampatuan Sr.

     If you ask average filipino to give their most hated politician, Ampatuan will definitely land on the list. Thanks to Andal Ampatuan and his clan! Once again, we made it to international scene, Philippines is 2nd Most dangerous place in the world for media men. He is the famous for the Maguindanao Massacre or also know as The Ampatuan Massacre. The most heinous crime ever... 57 killed.. Check wikipedia for more info of the list of all the victims.

Ferdinand Marcos
     Do I need to say more? It will take me days or even month if I'm going to type all his scandal.  I'll just make it short, His name is associated in Martial law. Number 1 in corruption and number 1 in human right violations. Marcos Cheated the 1986  snap election with that, it result for the people to get furious and out to fight, the result the first ever peaceful PEOPLE POWER in the Philippines!

April 29, 2010

Funny Pinoy Sign

     If the western people have funny signs. So was the pinoy.... here's the collection of funny sign and post from the Philippines.

Funny Note

This is my collection of funny note that will make you smile.... enjoy...

Oh yeah... Active fan...

Poor Ashley... with that sign someone will check her constantly!

     Okay, I get it.. stupid enough....

ha!ha!ha!ha! bathroom joke..

I know! I know! no reward!

 My personal favorite.. So Hilarious.... This one made my day....

Top 12 Pinoy Exotic food

     I compiled a list of exotic food in the Philippine. I came up with 40 but only choose the famous, bizarre and odd. My plan is to choose  the top ten but I end up in 14 but I made it twelve because one on my list  falls in the same category.
Top 12 list of Pinoy Exotic Food

12. Soup No.5
     The soup main ingredients are bulls testicle and phallic. It is believed to have aphrodisiac properties.  Soup no.5 is best to be eaten when you are drunk since the soup reduced the alcohol spirit.

11. Helmet
     Helmet is chicken head, it is called helmet because the clean chicken head without the beak and cockscomb  resembles of a helmet. This one is common street food, either you bought it as a barbecue or cook as adobo (sautéed with garlic, onion and laurel leaf seasoned with soy sauce and vinegar. )

10. Ant Caviar
     It is an egg of  tree ant, mostly can be found in mango trees where this ants make their home. Ant Caviar  is known in Ilocos Norte. Ant egg can be fried in butter for better taste, A crispy shell on the outside and creamy filling on the inside. Juicy and taste like shrimp. It can be cooked as an omelette.

9. Adobong Palaka(frog adobo)/ Fried Frog
     It can be cooked as adobo or deep fried. Kapampangan is well known for being a good cooked, I love the betute, the frog is stuffed with pork and some secret ingredients and deep fried. The taste is juicy and tastier than chicken meat.  So basically if you are in Pampanga and Nueva Ecija, Ask what food they serving  especially with your relatives or friends who live in the province. This neighboring province is well known for the love of exotic food.  
     My first experience eating frog was just an accident, I was on vacation in Nueva Ecija and saw an adobo and didnt bother to ask what kind of adobo, but my cousin let me eat and asking "so whats the taste of overly cooked chicken" I replied taste good , the soft meat was better.. and the best adobo. Then they giggled and revealed  that  it is frog.

8. Deep fried Rat/ adobo rat
      Rats from the rice field are also eaten, it is common in central Luzon where rice field are vast. These Rodents are clean because they only feed on rice. They would skin them, cut the head, the tail, and the legs or the feet then  all internal organs are removed. Cooking is done the adobo way and deep fried. It can also be breaded. I stupidly ate adobo rat  in Pampanga because I thought it is a frog since I love the taste of frog. While chewing my first bite and trying to get another one, my nephew shout at me "uncle you are eating stuart little"  and that's the first and the last bite.

7. Pritong Bayawak( fried monitor lizard)/ Adobong bayawak
     Some said Monitor lizard is taste better in pork meat and tastier than chicken meat. Adobong bayawak is perfect appetizer while drinking wine or liquor. Other ways to cook monitor lizard  Pinaupong bayawak ( similar to roasted chicken), ginataang bayawak ( cooked in coconut milk with lots of chili pepper) and or simply deep fried with vinegar and chili as a dipper.

6. Adobong sawa (Phytoon)
     Yup you read it right, Adobo again but this time the phytoon is the star ingredients. Phytoon is known for its medicinal value in Asia. You can drink the blood raw and it the bladder raw because its said to be good in health and believed to give added stamina..

5. Fried Tateg(rice worm)
    Dare to eat them? This huge worm can be found in a rotten trees or rotten stack of hay rice. They are usually cooked deep fried with lots of garlic.

4. Balut
     Balut and adobo is part of Philippine culture. Let's leave the adobo first and focus on balut. A balut is a nearly developed duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell and for better tasting get a pinch of salt while eating the duck. It is healthy, good for the heart and high in protein.

3. Fried Insect Beetle /Cricket/locust
     This fried insect is common appetizer in Central Luzon. Instead of trying to kill them with insecticide , they cooked them. Deep fried salagubang( beetle) is common among provinces where mango trees abound where beetles usually thrive while the susuhong(cricket) can be found usually in the rice fields before planting season, same with the balang (locust/grasshopper) mostly you can see  them eating rice plant. 
          I learned my lesson of being aware on food while in Pampanga or I will end up again eating bizarre food the rat is enough and way to extreme to me, and rather not eat insect.  I politely refuse or If they tend to tease and dare to eat susuhong,  or the fried locust.. I will say "No thanks, I'm full" or bribe them  that I will buy another case of beer just please don't let me eat them, no offense meant but my stomach is weak for that.

2. Tamilok (mangrove worm)
     The word ‘tamilok’ was  coined by two Americans. They started calling one of their friends - "Tommy, look!" Tommy, look!",  after seeing the locals eating the mangrove tree worm.   Although tamilok looks like a worm , but it is actually a molusk that can be found in rotten mangrove tree. Its is slimy,  longer than 12 inch ruler and grayish color. Tamilok taste like oyster,  famous in Palawan, you can order this in restaurant or in a local bar. Wanna try the kinilawing tamilok( raw tamilok ) . A platter of intertwined mangrove grayish worm.

    A picture of tamilok being harvested in rotten mangrove.

1. Innasin

     This is the igorot version of ham. It is  salted  meat pork, usually neck part, Can be cooked with legumes or vegetables, best partner for this delicacy is pinikpikan (another igorot delicacy, chicken ). The meat can actually eaten raw. Why this to be exotic? the meat should preserved for 6 months and the chemical from the maggot add flavor to the meat. before eating etag make sure to remove the excess salt and the maggot.

So there's all my list... which one you like to try? I already tried the 12, 9 , 8  , 4...




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