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April 25, 2010

Trying Something New

         One thing I love is having fun and get as many information in every aspect of life. Everyday my life is not complete without surfing the net and read some any stuff and look for some funny, amazing stuff. Internet gives me a lot of idea... from simple things to extraordinary.. name it.. you will see everything in the web.
     This will be my very first entry and I am still trying to figure what to do. So as the site grew old I will make this beautiful with all the idea running on my mind, I know this will be great. I want everything to be here in my site. If any of you have any suggestion or a comment, drop an email to me. A content where it will be fun, entertaining and can make you laugh or smile. 
     I put some category tab like: 
AvantGarde : in this tab you can look most beautiful photo, a picture that tells a story, a photographer..
F.Y.I  :  this tab will show you general knowledge, list of information..
FunTyms (Fun Times) : If you what to smile. this is the button you should hit... everything funny and entertaining...
Pinoyflavor : Everything about Philippines, Pinoy....
     Just choose the category that interest you...
My aim is not only to ease the boredome but to give information.
If you have comments/suggestion feel free to contact me





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