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November 6, 2011

Another weird fashion

  Move over Lady Gaga's meat dress, there's a new weirdo dress in town that beats your craziness and it is making a headline forom Berlin. This Fashion is called "ART" but for me it is" bizarre attention seeking art" and the creations are Octopus tunic, seaweed miniskirt, chocolate dresses , quail eggs necklace and more..... 

Lady Gaga may have popularised the idea of turning what we eat in to what we wear, but a Berlin museum has taken the concept to the next level.
And unlike the pop star's unusual 'meat dress', these cuisine creations are meant to be end up being eaten - providing a feast for the palate as well as the eyes.
The bizarre costumes - are the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Roland Trettl.

They are on display at Berlin's Communication Museum in the form of 50 photographs by snapper Helge Kirchberger.
The 'Fashion Food' exhibition hopes to explore notions of consumerism and sustainability, as well as breaking down the boundaries between art and cuisine.

  So dare to ear this edible fashion?


Anonymous said...

Happy holidays.. wish you good health and contentment.. take care

i'm surprised that someone is topping lady gaga in weird costumes..

Anonymous said...

hey, did you know that you are one of my top 5 most active commenters with a total of 23 comments according to my 2011 wordpress annual report?? thank you soooo much for the time.




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