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June 24, 2011

The Most expensive Razor

     This is not your ordinary razor that will cost US$100,000 or it is not antique aswell. The Zafiro Iridium limited-edition razor is made of 99.9% pure iridium. They are only limited series of jus 99, each of the Zafiro Razor is engraved with a serial number and monogrammed to your specification at no extra charge. Only need to pay is the $100,000 for the razor.
    The Zafiro Razor is a very special rare razor, the handle of Zafiro razor is made of Iridium, a rare metal "from meteorites. "  When I'm in Highschool my science teacher say Iridium is highly resistant to heat and it will not melt even you drop it in lava, and it is usually used in for space rockets. The screws that hold the Zafiro Iridium together are made of platinum. The two blades are made from white sapphire grown at former Soviet Union lab in Ukraine.  Only 80 atoms thick on therir cutting edge (1/10.00th  the width of the hair), lot sharper than any common blades on the market today. Zafiro claims the sapphire blades will stay sharp for about a year, and offers complimentary cleaning and resharpening for an entire decade.

 Maybe Superman will used this..... made from rare metal from meteorite, sharper blade... I guess the creator of Zafiro is a fan of Smallville or Superman... Wanna buy them?





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