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May 1, 2010

Top 15 Worst Product

    Today I gathered a list of worst product that exist.. mostly all of the are useless, just a waste of money. A bunch of crap that made by some company or individual that will do nothing but to look the consumer stupid. A funny product that can make you smile and ask why this product existed. Others are dangerous and hazardous to your health.

    Here's my Top 15 worst product

Chest hair Toupee
Just looking at the image make me frown, what the hell are they thinking ? Some men like to achieve the hairless look , while others want it natural, or some will used this? This product is made from real man's hair and it comes a variety of color.



  Or should I say the Breast Separator, It will help restore a natural resting position for your breasts to protect your body's natural beauty. To prevent sagging breast and to give the ladies out there a good night sleep. 
Reality bites, aging is one of the cause of sagging breast.
   I wonder if this is comfortable since it will limit your movement in your night time sleep, and you need to be  aware if the separator is still in between the breast.

The Privacy Scarf
     I don't get it! Who need this while surfing the net.. There's no Privacy in the net, you'll never know if your PC is infected with spyware. With this product, 100% you will look ridiculous and pretty stupid.  Or in case you are surfing porn, its still obvious. Who is in the right mind will use this product....


Transparent Card
 Just one question, Are you going to buy this and play poker with your friends to have a bet and use this card in "Texas hold-em" game?


Non Alcoholic Vodka
Enough!... Just drink water if you don't want to get drunk!


Foot Operated Breast Enlarger Pump
This device will hurt woman's breast and will cause bruising after getting your feet tired of pumping it.

  Burger Holder
How innovative! and it will give you reason to wash this device, make sure you wash it clean and bacteria free!


Testicle Warmer
     The device consisted of a 4.25 inch probe which was plugged into the wall and then the blue bulb is inserted into the rectum. When plugged in, a blue light bulb lit up to tell you it was working to restore your manly vitality.


Sleeping Pills for children
Takeda Pharmaceuticals is a company that produces sleeping tablets for children, and it was sold in US. Sleep issues  can be one of the tougher challenges of parenthood, but sleeping pills as  the solution? I don't think so. You'll never knew what kind of side-effect your child can get, and you are just introducing your child in drug that can be abuse. Just give your kids a vigorous activity during the day and give them a good bath, kids insomnia is gone.


     From the site info: Engraved with several methods of locating Earth in the Galaxy, an alien pilot does not need to understand any human language to use this information. The mathematical location of Earth in
relation to several important pulsar is represented by the radial diagram. Earth's relation to the solar system is shown at the top. Also included is a schematic of Earth itself and it's major land masses. Two human icons (man and woman) are graphically connected to Earth at points in all three diagrams and are shown with their hands waving as a gesture of goodwill... Click here     So guys, buy one.. Don't ever leave the earth without this dog tag!


Spermatic Truss
The spermatic truss was designed to make erections impossible by binding the genitalia down and existed in 1876 .  21 years later, the sadistic  designer changed the truss a bit, making erections possible but this time he included the spike!


     This coin box is total racist!  A greedy word and Nigger word in just 1 packaging you can never go wrong  that this product is a total insult to black people.


Spike Ring
    This was design for young men to prevent them masturbating and also nocturnal emission. They would tie this ring of death around their manhood, and whenever they became aroused, the spikes would sink into their flesh, causing excruciating pain.

Fart Detector
       This is totally hilarious. This product is useless it wont detect the person who fated but it will only give you  a warning,  before the smell of a fart exploded so that you can hold your breath...3 second advance before the fart completely smell, so that means you already inhaled some fart before this fart detector give warning.. Love this product. good for prank!




 Illegal drug should not exist.. Not good at all.. It will only harm your health and ruined your life...


Pinay Scribbles said...

LOL. This is funny and at the same time I feel stupid!

I used to have those breast enlarger pumps! With my 70A, I thought if i pump it everyday, it will grow bigger.. So I did that! And guess what? it's still the same! wahahahahhaah..

But now I'm not so insecure with that anymore.. I realized that there are 2 sizes smaller than a 70A! (evil laugh)




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