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May 20, 2010

Assassin Spider

    Looks can be decieving, with the size about 2 mm or lest than 1/8 inc long.  they are small, but Assassin spiders are one of the most dangerous species of spiders on earth – if you’re another spider. Assasin's spider bizarre fangs and spider-hunting practices have earned them a reputation as the world’s most grotesque spiders. They hunt by stabbing their prey with venom-filled fangs that are attached to the ends of extremely elongated jaws. These specialized jaws are about ten times longer than the jaws of most other spiders their size. To support these long jaws and prevent them from dragging along the ground, Assassin spiders have also evolved elongated necks. This combination  will allow  them to strike their prey  in distance.

An interesting note is that these spiders are survivors from the age of dinosaurs!

  And to all Arachnaphobic out there, Assassin spiders are a mere eighth of an inch (two millimeters) long and are harmless to humans. .





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