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June 14, 2011

Vietnam influence in Palawan

    I'm supposed to post about food fact but when I saw the Vietnam Flag in  my  top 10 visitor widget.  It reminds me of Chaolong, My vietnamese bestfriend Tham and the influences of  Vietnam.
     The Vietnamese migrants began arriving in the Philippines(also known as boat people), after the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. Unlike any other Asian Countries they were persecuted and abused. Vietnamese found refuge in the Philippines, they were given aid and Shelter. The United Nations put up a camp in Palawan to process the genuine refugees for resettlement and to screen out those not qualified for refugee status. But when the refugee program ended, the Palawan camp was declared closed in 1996.
     I remember when my family arrived in Palawan in 1988, as a 5 y.o.  kid I thought that I'm in China because I saw a lot of Vietnamese and I thought they are Chinese because I assumed that the language I heard is Mandarin. My father treat us in VietVille to know them better.

    A glimpse of Vietnam. A symbol of local hospitality and tolerance. A special place for a  small community of Vietnamese refugees in Palawan. Now this serves as one of tourist attraction in PuertoPrincesa City, Palawan. 

    ChaoLong & French Bread
      I have no idea why they called it chaolong, when the noodle dish is more aptly called pho (phở). Chao long is the vietnamese congee (rice porridge) with either with pork, beef, chicken innards. The noodles is made of rice instead of cornstarch. uhmmm.. maybe because of the filipino slang word "chow" means to eat, and the noodles is Long.
   French Bread a Vietnamese bread baquette or bánh mì. The usual stuffing of french bread are pork or chicken with some cucumber, tomato, bánh mì sauce. With addition soysauce and mayonnaise.

     Fresh Rolls
     The Vietnamese version of Fresh Lumpia(spring rolls). The fresh rolls are wrapped in rice paper and have pork, shrimp, bún or rice vermicelli, herbs, and other ingredients inside. Also serves as fried.

   When visiting Palawan remember to eat Chaolong and french bread. Those two are easy to find since a lot of chaolong house can be seen in town.


Cherrey said...

wow this is really interesting! This is the first time I've heard of this... how big is the Vietville? Where in Palawan is it located? Are there still Vietnamese living there?

Jade said...

@Cherrey The last time I saw the are 1996 the government some migrates to USA and Canada for better life since the USA and Canada offer them. Only few remains , the one who marry a filipino/filipina in able not to be evicted here, because during that time every vietnamese are force to back to Vietnam but some of them are afraid to go bakc and ask assurances that it is reallysafe to go back in Vietnam. Some chooses the Canada and USA for greener pasture. Just like my 2nd year highschool vietnamese family.

Jade said...

No idea of the exact sq. meter of the area, but big enough to fit the Vietnamese restaurants, shops, and Catholic churches and Buddhist temples and a lot of vietnamese house.

Palawan is part of Luzon and if you look in the Map of the Philippines the long island looking.




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