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June 13, 2011

Sonny World Photography Awards 2011

 Over 105,000 entries for this year competion but the best of them is Alejandro Chaskielberg of Argentina, the one who get this year award of the L'Iris d'Or  . To see of his winning piece check here
     These are my 3 favorite photos from the winners of Sonny World Photography Awards for 2011 in an open category.

Floating Lanterns at Chiang Mai, Thailand 
by Chumlong Nikon
It shows the essence of reason to celebrate. by looking at the pic, I felt like I'm one who the people and part of the event.

Going to Work by James Wong
This image reminds me in a scene of a video game. Perfect ray of light.

Two ants enjoying food
Andiyan Lufti
My number 1 favorite .. simply amazing.. the reward of cooperation and hardwork.

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