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October 28, 2011

Different Kind of Drinker

T.G.I.F. Time to relax and time to party.  After a long weekdays of work and dueling a  massive amount of stress. Most of us want to drink or to celebrate. Before you sip that cold beer or kiss that glass of wine have you realize....

What kind of a drinker are you???

* The Manager
The one who invites friend to drink and treat them..Most of the time the one who pays the tab.

* The Playmaker
This type of person observe every move of his/her friend. Sometimes they are the one who reminds us that its your turn to drink or you are too drunk and need to rest...

* The hiker
In a party place they are the one who have known a lot of friend.
Active: Constantly transferring seats to get more drinks
Passive: seat hopping to avoid drinking too much...

* The denial King/Queen
They are pretending that they are not drunk  and still drinking to impress others but in reality they will crawl the floor..

* The Drama King/ Queen
When they are drunk they became sentimental and will remember every sad moment of their sober life.

*The Flash
In the blink of an eye they are gone. This type of drinker can do vanishing act. They are the one who goes home without informing friends. Either this person is trying to avoid paying or contributing to the bills, the parents is looking for them, or their lover is furious and they need to go back home fast...

  *the chosen one
the errand boy as we call it... The one who buy tube ice, another round of liquor, clean the mess in the party, etc.

*the incredible hulk
When this type of drinker get drunk, he will become incredible hulk. The one who loves to pick a fight. They will get angry easily.. They love to prove they are man enough or strong enough.

*Dead man Drinker
The first person who get drunk easily.

*Sex finder
A drinker that always looking and searching for sex when drunk.. A drinker the feels he/she is the sexiest human on earth.

*The Joker
The drinker with a lot of humorous stories and with him/her in  the group everyone will have a good laughing  trip.

*The Barber
They are the drinker who loves to tell story even it is non-sense  or not funny.. In short term "Talk Shit!"

*Videoke King and Queen
Doesn't care much whatever happenings around his/her surroundings as long as he/she have the microphone and sings a lot.. This type of drinker thought they are great singer when drunk.

*The Original
Always present in every drinking party.

    So guys and girls which one of you here??? H ave a great and safe weekend!





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