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September 3, 2011

The OCD Chopping Board

When I'm cooking it takes me a lot of time by cutting veggies because I want it to be exact same size  and carefully cutting pieces. It will take me 3 hours just to prepare the ingredients and mostly my friends or my brother help me to finish it fast..

The other day I saw this OCD chopping board and try to look it here in our local supermarket. The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Chopping Board is etched with ruled lines and a protractor for perfectly-sized portions.The lines on the beechwood board, show where to slice for ‘medium dice’, ‘small dice’, ‘julienne’ and ‘fine julienne’ pieces. This board will make the cooking fast and OCD chopping board is designed to take the anxiety out of cooking for those with exacting standards. 
It also has a printed protractor to cut sandwiches at perfect angles. So there's the tempting reason to buy this board.. :P

   This OCD Chopping board is raising controversies because some OCD association is against this for the reasons of the manufacturer is cashing in n the debilitating nature of OCD and they find it offensive.
    The sales of the OCD chopping board is booming and it help for some... and us for me I have no luck of finding one and my pschy friend told me I don't need it ....


Pinay Scribbles said...

i thank my bf for giving me a kitchen robot for christmas last year! :D then I don't have to worry about mincing, dicing and such when cooking! :D




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