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September 4, 2011

Rescuing A giant Best Friend

Size doesn't matter when doing a good deed. 
A good example of this is  Sam Brear who's height is 5 ft. 1 inch has been hailed a massive hero after rescuing his huge best friend from drowning.

Hulking Adam Greening, 16, who stands 6ft 7ins tall and weighs 24 stone, got into serious trouble while swimming in the freezing-cold Aire and Calder Navigation canal, near his home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Unable to keep his head above water he   
 cried out to Sam who, without a second's thought, leapt into the water to help.

The nimble little lad made several attempts to drag his big buddy onto the bank but found he just wasn't strong enough.
But after 20 minutes treading water to keep them both afloat Sam noticed Adam was slipping into unconsciousness so, digging deep, he somehow found the strength to heave his friend to safety. Grateful Adam said: 'I thought I was going to die, it was awful. It was the first time I had swum in a canal and I won't be doing it again.' 
His relieved mother Faith Greening, 58, said: 'We were told if they hadn't got him out when they did, he would have died. 
If he had been in there any longer he would have drowned.

'I'm so glad Sam was there, if it wasn't for his quick-thinking and super-human strength, Adam wouldn't be here now.
'He had one last try to get Adam out of the water and thankfully he must have been that frightened that he found the strength from somewhere.'  

The emergency services arrived moments after the dramatic rescue and treated Adam, who by then had lost consciousness, for hypothermia.

He was taken to Wakefield's Pinderfields Hospital where medics spent six hours raising his dangerously low temperature.
The two friends have lived on the same street  since they were toddlers and attract a lot of attention when they play football, ride their bikes and are seen out together.
Faith explained: 'Adam's always been big and always towered over Sam, but it's never affected their friendship. 
'You would think Adam would protect Sam, but it's always been the other way round.
'If Adam's ever been bullied about his size, Sam has stepped in and defended him. They really are the best of friends.
'Adam's like a gentle giant and Sam looks after him.'
Modest Sam said: 'I tried to get him out of the water but that was difficult so I held him up and kept him talking.' 

Adam is lucky to have Sam as his best friend to have such  a great courage.


Pinay Scribbles said...

what a brave little guy! :)




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