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September 9, 2011

Chinese Mother Teresa

In Yaopu village, Shanxi Province, Li Yanping is actually known for the sake of one-person orphanages who has care for 80 abandoned children over a period of 22 many years.

49-year-old Li Yanping life in one small 40-square-meter country preventing and barely remains on one meager income, but which hasn’t kept her on looking after dozens of left children, most of these people mentally and psychically disabled. 

Born in 1964, beneath Mu village, Li married at the young age of 21. Her story as a modern-day Mother Theresa take up in 1989, when she gave birth to her healthy child, someone left on her doorstep an unhealthy child.  After seeing the condition of abandoned baby that have some deformities they reported it in a local police but non claimed, so they decided to take care the abandoned baby even they have short income. They continue to  nurture  both children while they are food shortages and insufficient money were a lot of too manage.

Presently there were such people who criticized Li Yanping’s decision, however many people in the village admired both the woman for  kindheartedness and sacrifice. From which moment on, Li and  her groom continued helping without realizing that they already have 80 children.

Throughout the 22 many years since she realize that at first baby upon her doorstep, Li Yanping has care for 80 children, 13 of which remain living with her currently. Li's secret is a matter of tight budget and she buys only what is the mos important. She only spends 20 yuan ($3) each month, however manages to support her children She even send the kids to schools.
Two on her phisically healthy family members are still going to high-school on a nearby vocational school.





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