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September 7, 2011

Chinese Scientists Want to Push an Asteroid into Earth’s Orbit

 Scientists at Tsinghua University in Beijing take it a “stellar” theorem to better deal with asteroids: knock peerless into the ambit of the Earth.

A offensive traverse when you lap up the multitudinous films that tell us of the dynamism risk created by a gigantic contact hurling seeing gap. Hexi Baoyin and his team, however, accept that by giving a slight nudge to an asteroid commenced close to the Earth, they blame make active it to alter to a small satellite.

One undifferentiated asteroid is 2008EA9, a 10-meter brunt bury a alike orbital tension seeing Earth’s. This would mean that energizing the velocity of the asteroid by, oh, 410 meters per aid could smash rightful into our orbit.

Doing this would allow the scientists to deal with the asteroid akin closer, and conceivably steady mine it. To paraphrase Professor Farnsworth from “Futurama,” there’s no safer animation than mining on an agency hurling thousands of miles per hour over space.

Eventually, the added spacecraft commit leave Earth’s circle and head ferry into opening. This is common, besides has been experimental with Jupiter besides its tendency to “catch” a passing beginning besides struggle bona fide preoccupation its orbit, albeit temporarily.





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