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July 10, 2011

8 Sexual Deviant that Lives among Us

I read some news about a very old man molesting a 12 years old kid been arrested, and I got furious to this kind of act. So that gave me an idea to post something like raise awareness that there are more sexual deviant that lives among us.

This are the person who can achieve climax by just bumping into suspecting person. Others have to masturbate after they rub their private part in any of the body of their victims. They love the crowded place so that their act will not be obvious.

     The classic peeping tom. It can be much more than just getting an instant high from stolen lustful glances. When sexual pleasure is already obtained from looking at people in the buff or those engaging in sexual acts even without a desire to engage in sexual activity with them, then you've got a psychosexual disorder on your hands.
     Voyeurs are individuals who basically take the game too gar. And that's it. Voyeurism is an act of imposing superiority over the victim. It belongs in the same scopophilic spectrum as exhibitionism." Thats when become chronic.

    Acts of Necrophilia were practiced in ancient Egypt it is considered as a way of spiritual connection with the dead.
   Today it it is a psycho sexual disorder, in vogue among serial killers who get that extra high by killing then copulating with their victims.

   This is the most common crime as of today.
If you feel a strange sexual attraction to prepubuscent girls/boy, seeking a professional help is a must before you spiral downwards to a life crime. There is no child that is capable of seducing adult. It is also an act of power and dominance expressed sexually for persons who feel terrorized by a fellow adult, and therefore gain this feeling of dominance and superiority by pedophilic acts."

    As the word denotes, sadomasochism is a mixture of sadistic and masochistic sexual activity The sadist is the one who takes the whip; the masochist is the one who enjoys the submissions.

     Exhibitionism is defined as " Sexual gratification, above and beyond the sexual act itself, that is achieved by risky public sexual activity and /or bodily exposure" |The person with this sexual disorder thinks of it as power play and think that their action as a form of art. The victims reaction , be it surprise, disgust, awe or fright becomes the primary objective for the exhibitionist.

    When a woman wants it so bad and thinks about getting laid 24/7 it is already a sexual disorder.She love having sex in different people. Nymphomaniac have an intense fear of loss of love.. Nymphomania can be based on a drive to express their femininity- someone wants constant reassurance that they are feminine, and therefore can be psychologically dependent on the partner.

   Satyriasis is to man what nymphomania is to a woman.. It is essentially a manifestation of masculine strivings, a drive to show masculinity in order to counteract deep feelings of inferiority ( or unconscious homosexual urger).





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