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July 24, 2011

Bullet train Accident in China

         A major accident on China’s much trumpeted new high speed rail system has prompted the inevitable “China quality” denunciations online.
  The train derailed crossing a bridge, with two carriages falling off the bridge into the river below. Rail authorities claim a “lightning strike” was responsible, causing a train to lose power on the bridge, only to be smashed into by another train approaching from behind. Each of the carriage of bullet train had the capacity of 100, Initial reports indicate at least 11 fatalities and 89 were injured.


      China has been accused of flagrantly pirating Japan’s Shinkansen, even had plans to sell their own  copies of bullet train overseas, and the father of its high speed rail program has been arrested for massive corruption – all facts which have resulted in massive schadenfreude in Japan, although there is some disappointment that no explosions were involved:





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