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July 2, 2011

20 Worst Singer and growing....

     Today's pop music is nothing but trash,as long as the song is catchy, it will be a hit, that's the game of the song for today.

    Have you notice the real music is gone? The essence of music is gone? It is sad that most artist used auto-tune or if you listen to the lyrics of the song, just a nonsense.

    If the singer is male the basic theme of any song and video is always the same. "I am the coolest most hung baddest dude in town and I can ride you all night long." This is always backed up by half naked stunning harem women slithering around the artist.

    When the singer is female, she always flaunting her gorgeous body, swaying her hips, shows a lot of cleavage and the meaning of her song mostly "I'm to hot for any man, Im the most desirable woman on earth!" they are doing it to hide the flaws on her voice or the lyrics. To cover up that the song is just nonsense and the main goal is to earn more, more , more money!

   I must admit I'm guilty of enjoying them at first or maybe second, I am just human enjoying gorgeous body, but when you close your eyes and listen to the meaning of the song, to the voice...Just some crappy song.
I also admit I'm not a good singer but I can appreciate a good one! This list are in no particular order, I just type all the so called singer that's for me is sooO bad....

   I'm supposed to post only 10 but my list grew to 20 and growing but I cut it to 20. It is easily to name the worst singer but not a good one for today's generation of singer. I just know 1 a real good singer today.. Susan Boyle is good...

Again, my post today is about music not the looks, the body of a so called singer!

To all my readers,  please don't be shy to share your opinion in comment box in which you think is bad singer that exist.

The list of So-called Singer!

1. William Shatner : I really hate this guy when I heard his song the first time and I just turn off the radio whenever I hear his voice.. So bad just like his acting in Star Trek as Capt. Kirk.

2. Paris Hilton : I love Paris Hilton video! not her music video.. Lol.. Seriously, Who said that this heiress can sing? Not because you have a famous video doesn't mean you have the right to record a song and be called a singer!

3. Kim Kardashian : Yup this reality star recorded a song as well, ever heard "Jam(Turn it Up), it is so bad that my ear almost bleed (hehehe), same pitch, same manner. She's just good as a porn star ( remember her video) not a singer, nor an actress.

4. The Situation :  Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation of Jersey Shore tries his hand at rap. and so annoying because he tries his best but it is so bad.. Just search the youtube or google his terrible rap song, not because you have 15 minutes of fame via crappy TV show "Jersey Shore" doesn't mean you are a singer or rapper! Well, I guess he knows he is not good so every time he sings, he just show his ripped abs..

5. William Hung : Do I need to say more? Thanks to American idol. William completely destroy music.. LOL.. I'm gonna kill whoever says he is a good singer.

6. Britney Spear : Her body is the only interest people have in her and definitely not her over used of vibrato voice. She always lypsynching her song in her concert and her lack of voice, she delivers a very sexy outfit, great production and she's really a good dancer in able to have a good show.

7. Zach Efron : he got the looks but definitely not the voice.

8. Lily Allen : When she sings live, she is always out of tune and her voice sounds like she's always high in drugs!

9. Lady Gaga : the auto-tune queen, when she sings live and without the auto-tune it is really awful. I salute Lady Gaga for being a very good songwriter, she is really good. Even I hate her voice, her songs keeps running in my head...

10. Ashlee Simpson : How many times this girl get booed in stage, Just because of his awful voice and she just lipsynch her song and even forget some of the lyrics of her own song!

11. Manny Paquiao : Yes Manny the boxing champ.. he should focus more on boxing and not on singing, Manny Paquiao's fist can knock you out and so his voice! Dare to listen to his new song "Sometime When we touch"

12. Rebecca Black : She became a youtube sensation for all the wrong reasong. Her heavily auto-tuned song "Friday" hits almost 17 million views and same it the nasty comments about her voice. Well at least she admitted that she is not a good singer. She will not stop watch out her new single tittled "LOL"

13. Miley Cyrus : Her voice is better than Paris Hilton or William Hung.... LOL.. Her Disney fame is over and she is struggling hard to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

14. T-Pain - The auto-tune king. Did anyone of you heard T-Pain sang  without the help of auto-tune or did you realize that all of his song is crap which is all; about how great being T-pain. Check all of his video.. a ladies in a bikini, showing boobs and seducing him.

15. Akon - He can sing!? Maybe or maybe not!  He has no originality most of his sound are rip-offs of others music. The perfect example of this is "Don't Matter" he used the melody of Ignition of R.Kelly and the song also uses parts of Bob Marley’s 1979 classic Zimbabwe during the chorus.

16.  Neil Young : I must say he is a real good songwriter but not as a singer.

17.  Jennifer Lopez : She can dance and shake her booty. With her comeback song "louboutins" she just prove how bad is her voice, she even get furious when some of studio guy leaked her song and trying hard to get the right tune and pitch of the song, she sucks bigtime so she released a new song for the her so called  "its a new generation" , yup that lyrics from "On the floor" and the melody is from Lambada!

18.  Lil Wayne : I cant understand the lyrics of his song.. He sounds drunk when singing even he heavily used auto-tune.

19. Madonna :  She done pretty well with a minimum of vocal talent in the music industry. She is more of controversies than a singer.

20. Tiny Tim : Who said that you are allowed to sing! LOL..

Honorable Mention:

Justin Bieber : Just a cute boy for his girl fans.. Nothing more. I salute the people behind Justin for making a great marketing scheme. Justin is like a product that can sold in a new packaging.  He is not a kid anymore, sooner or later he will loose his magic just like Aaron Carter.

Taylor Swift :
   I thought she has a good voice but when I heard her singing live in  Grammy. Remember  her stunningly tone-deaf Grammy performance, "painfully out of tune" to the slightly more pointed "off-key caterwauling." Ms. Swift ended up being the big story on Grammy night.


Worst of the worst! Just for fun.. Warning Watch at your Own risk! By watching this video.. I got a headache! I will salute you if you finish the entire video watching and listening.

Just thanks me later for giving you a good laugh on this video.. HAHAHAHAHA



Cherrey said...

i didn't last long in that video.. lol.. everything's just woaaah... hehe

Jade said...

hahaha.. so am I.. I got a freakin headache and my ear got hurt.. lol




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