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July 29, 2011

Cooking Psychology

     My psychiatrist friend call us and asked if we can be his guinea pig in his experiment , he wants to study all of his friend while cooking a perfect sunny side up egg and whoever win will have a prize and he even said that he will analyze all four of us to aware of our weakness and strength.. and we all agree... 
    The rules are simple (that what we believed) for us to win a vip concert ticket..
1. 30 minutes for each of us to cook a perfect sunny side-up egg
2. only 24 egg will  be use for every participant
3. no bubbles on the sunny side-up, clean area, good shape, the yellow must be in the center
4 Not overcooked or raw

Making the perfect sunny side up egg is all about patience and perseverance.  I tried to get it right and most of us did.. While cooking and getting the perfect one we realized is not that easy. Laying the egg carefully in egg-shaper in able not to have bubbles is not an easy task or putting the yolk in center is way too hard and we realized that the 30 minutes time is too short and the 24 pieces of eggs is not enough as well. If your out of egg its over for you and you nee to choose the best sunny side-up you cooked.
While my friends cooking I studied every of their mistake and try to get it right. so I turn on the stove about a medium high and when I'm sure its hot enough I lowered the heat before I put the eggshaper in the frying pan and put a little oil and leave it again for 5 minutes. Putting the egg in  eggshaper need a lot of hard work because I wasted 18 pieces of egg in able to get my almost perfect fried egg, I applied all of the techniques I know from using a knife, peeling the sharpest tip of the egg to carefully laying it on the pan and constantly checking the heat...  I got 3 sunny-side up but the first one has smudges, the 2nd has 5 bubbles but the yellow yolk is at center, the 3rd is the yolk almost at center, no bubbles but not in perfect shape. until my time is over and even request for extension and my friends said RULES ARE RULES!..
eventually no one of us won.  

What I realize in the simple task... you must love what you are doing, do not hurry, enjoy what you are doing, don't get stress, don't make it complicated, patience is virtue,


love2type said...

didn't know that making a perfect sunny side up is this painful.. waste of eggs... ate them afterwards?

Pinay Scribbles said...

i love sunny side-ups. perfect for me is as long as the yoke don't break when i flip it over to the other side to have it cooked a little to fry the little eggwhite layering the yoke a bit. It took me weeks to do that. Of course i didn't fry 24 eggs in one time.




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