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July 3, 2011

How to Love

   Yup! you read the tittle right.. It's not love month but I have the urge to post this.. and more...LOL.
     Who wouldn't want to experience LOVE. Love has different meaning in every people, different belief but still they are talking about love. Love is patient... Love is blah blah blah.....
     How to take care of your love, the one that your holding one. Let's admit it we are hoping to find our great love,  but in reality there's no GREAT LOVE, we are the one making the great love, not searching for it. It is up to us if we are willing to make it great. Just remember love is sweet and painful.
    I'm not a love Guru thats enough! Just a little info on how to love... with a little bit of humor but its real...

For the Guys:

Love your girl as if she's only 16. No longer a girl but not yet a woman. Love her with all your heart, respect her, set a few rules and never break her heart.

For Girls :

    Love your boy as if he's only 8. Let him play with his toys and go out with his playmates to enjoy life. Don't worry for at the end of the day, He'll still come home to you. Teach him to be honest.

and for the Loveless:

     Just go to the nearest video store and buy lots of DVD for marathon watching... Play farmville or any games on facebook in able to forget that you are loveless...
Or play MMORPG online, Hoping you find love and hopefuly that is a real woman. :P





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