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August 14, 2011

hysterectomy: Male with Female features.

An Indian  farmer, identified as Ryalu , ent into a hospital near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh with stomach pains. He left without a uterus. When Ryalu arrived, the doctors presumed it was a simple hernia and an easy fix. To be on the safe side, they performed exploratory surgery and discovered that the man did indeed have a hernia. And a uterus. And ovaries, fallopian tubes, a cervix, and some vaginal tissue.

Despite living a perfectly wonderful life as a male, with all the accouterments that comes with having a Y chromosome, Ryalu is medically considered a true hermaphrodite. All outward appearances, however, are male.
The doctors ended up repairing the hernia and performing a hysterectomy on the man. Despite the unfortunate discovery, Dr. Pramod Kumar Shrivastava, a surgeon at the Chhindwara district hospital said that the man is, for all intents and purposes, male in every way.
“The external reproductive organs of the patient were masculine and he has no problems whatsoever with his sexuality. He had functional male genitals and there was no formation of breasts in the patient. It’s an embryological accident at the time of embryonic formation,” he said.

via telegraph
Both the doctors and patient were stunned. In the end, it’s great party conversation.


Pinay Scribbles said...

im sure it wasnt only the uterus that was being removed but all the other female organs too? but i wonder if he were to get pregnant, it would've been possible wouldn't it? but where would the baby come out? lol. would split his manly genital apart. wahahahhaha

Jade said...

and that idea would hurt... hahaha.. how bout ceasarian...




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