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June 8, 2011

5 Simple steps to loose weight

     Gaining weight is my problem Big problem now.. I want to get rid of those excess fat  because everytime I met an old colleague the first thing they will notice is my size "Wow! You are big.'' ."Is that really you? What happen to you?", I know that they are asking what happen to my size because I can tell the way they look at me or they tease me now a fat ass. I can't blame them because they know me for being slim with a weight of 130 lbs and they are real suprised to see me in my 287 lbs.
     It is time to take some action not because of the teasing, more on personal  because I notice I can't run fast anymore, getting tired easily , my feet is always aching and  so far i got highblood already.  Getting a highblood is now a warning and there are hundreds of reasons why, but it can be a real pain to get rid of the excess bagage and finally to become healthy again. 
The 5 Simple steps to loose weight

1. Set your goal and stick on your plan. Your goal on how much weight you want to loose. Sticking in your excercise regime and your diet plan.
2. Know your limits, too much is bad for health.
3. Track Your Progress and don't forget to praise yourself for a job well done every time you shed some pounds.

4. Food is not your enemy .If you want to loose weight  instead of avoiding not to eat, find something thats high in fiber, low calorie and avoid fatty and salty foods.
5. Be active. A simple walk with your dog, cleaning your room, playing a minute of sports game can help a lot.

Remember this...... Discipline is the biggest key.





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