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June 18, 2011

10 Clear signs of Relationship is Falling

    The list where you clearly shows that something is wrong with your relationship.  If your are experiencing one or three of this on list, then it is ""Red Alert."  You must do something, especially from rank 10 to 6 you can still save your relationship. Just remember communication is the key. After that listen carefuly and don't take it  for granted, so that you can analyze what is wrong in your relationship.
     This list is kindá funny but its true. Reality bites!

10 Signs Of Falling Relationship

 10. Your Lover has a lot of excuses lately and always busy.

9. Your Lover began prioritizing his/her friends and he/she always forgot your date.

8. Your Lover stopped laughing at your jokes, and you can clearly see that he/she get bored.

7. Your Lover stopped "looking" at you the same way. The spark of your Lover is not there anymore.

6. Your Lover stopped calling you as much as before.

5. Your Lover started talking to you in a monotone voice.

4. Your Lover started giving a one word answers.

3. Your Lover always sees your every mistake you did and for her/him to get mad and finds a good reason to argue with you.

2. Your Lover started openly flirting with other Good Looking human.

and last but not the least.. The 100% Clear sign that he/she is not into you!

1. Your Lover stopped having sex with you or to lazy to make love with you.


Anonymous said...

i agree on the first. a friend's friend's husband was cheating on her and he stopped having sex with her. :(

Anonymous said...

10 down to 2 in most cases hehe.. number 1, others probably wants to take as much opportunity before leaving hehehe...

Pinay Scribbles said...

lol, then i'll have to make sure none of this will happen to me and my boyfriend. :P




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