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August 8, 2011

Stamina Enhancer from Hell

       Be aware of what kind of stamina enhancer pills you are taking... specially if it's made in China.
A greedy businessman from China comes out with a stamina pill made from dead babies. You read it! Dead babies.
    The medicine company buys a deceased babies, mostly abortion or still births from the hospital who sells the corpse. The medicine company from China stores dead babies in a normal family's refrigerator, so no one can find out. then, when ready to use, they put the dead baby in a medical drying microwave and once dry, they grind it up and put in the capsule.
     A Korean TV documentary team went on a search for the truth behind the dead baby pill , and what they found was shocking. The documentary team got their hands on some of the pill and had them tested.

The results was 99.7% HUMAN! From the test result they were also able to tell the gender and found some hair and nail remnants.
    The documentary aired in SBS TV in South Korea last August 6, 2011.

(via newdaily )


Pinay Scribbles said...

what a horribly disgusting thing to do! Shouldn there be like FDA's or even the WHO controlling all drug that are being made, how they are being made and from what or WHO they came from?

Steve Bailey said...

I guess we also now know what happens when kids "underperform" at the Chineese sweatshop! Damn you China!! And babies too.... The horror!




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