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August 21, 2011

The Birthday Gift

     Isabelle Prévost has the most best, funniest, and weird gift she ever had from his ex-husband who happened to be a Mayor  and own a excavation company. Isabelle recieved a a 20-tonne, gift-wrapped boulder her  driveway.

     Dany Larivière, who is the mayor of Saint-Théodore-d’Acton, near Montreal, claims to have deposited the rock in Isabelle Prévost’s driveway in a bid to get her to stop harassing him.

Dany Larivière is the mayor of Saint-Théodore-d’Acton, a small town near Montreal 

Mr Larivière sprayed the rock with fluorescent orange birthday greetings and topped it off with a pink bow.
‘She never had a rock big enough for her tastes, now she has one. That’s the biggest rock she’ll ever get in her life,’ he added, claiming the boulder was a ‘gift’

The pair, who split acrimoniously three years ago, have each accused each other of harassment.


unikorna said...

I can see you have cold feet about getting married. Couples can be very hard to manage. My opinion is you should ignore everybody telling you to get married and do it when you really really want to, otherwise you will be very unhappy. And your post here is a good example in this area...

love2type said...

and the rock was at the middle of the driveway too. nyahaha. that should have pissed her more

Pinay Scribbles said...

luckily he didnt have it dropped from the sky on top of her roof that would drop like a bomb and destroy all of what she still have! wahahahah




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