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August 6, 2011

Why do People blog

      Most of the people write blogs to express themselves. They are sure that on their blog they will get what they want printed. If they write articles or columns for newspapers they may or may not get printed. Writing a blog gives the power to each of us to get printed immediately.

     I personally write my blog to express myself freely, to share something awesome  and feel good to see that what I wrote got printed immediately without boundaries or no editor that will dictate you what to write. You are the boss of your own blog.
    Blogging is fun as long as you enjoy what you are doing. If your blog represent yourself then you will enjoy.
My blog represent myself, worlds around me and anything I want to write because in this blog I have freedom. In general my blog want to show to everyone or to my reader that our world is fascinating, no matter how ugly is the situation we can find something good about it.
      In my real life trying to inject a humor in some case of abusive father, battered wife, children's cases, rape are sensitive and you need to considered what the victim feeling if the joke is appropriate and not offensive for them to feel good. I'm surrounded with negative issues and I'll be insane if I don't put a lighter side of life.Where in blog you can share stories no limits.In blog I burst all of what I felt of my adventure and misadventure...  As I said no boundaries, no limitation  but take responsibilities on what you write.
   Blogging is my anti-stress. It makes me forget my problems and refresh my mind in able to resolve it. Blogs give us the opportunity of writing what we want and get it printed on web.
   So ask yourself why you blog and whats the purpose of what you are doing?


unikorna said...

I blog because my profession is related to writing - i am a journalist- and to be honest at first I was sure nobody would read me. Since I gathered a few readers now I have a motivation to keep on blogging. You should as well :).




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