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August 20, 2011

The Unbelievable Choices

       If you are given 2 choices to go to school which of these two will you choose?
1.) Take a dreadful 2 hours trekking and hiking with the chances of encountering the wild animals such as wild boar ... or
2.) Do the 1 minute zipline 1200 meters above!

     The image above is not photoshop nor edited.. This is the harsh reality of  Daisy Mora, an 11 year-old girl, pulling some commando crap just to go to school , so crazy and insane for other average Joe or a normal kid out there.

and despite what one would reasonably assume, it does not show the girl desperately screaming for her mommy while her callous and irresponsible uncle laughs from the launch platform. She not only ziplines by choice, but has done so on this ramshackle, ancient setup - situated over 1200 feet in the air - twice a day, every day, for her entire life with her 7 year old sister in a damn sack.
    When you look at her face you can't see any traces of fear on her and doing that batshit crazy stuff is just a normal thing.
      Life is sooooooooooooo unfair, kids should not doing this, Daisy made me look like a sissy girl when the first time I experience the zipline and screaming my heart out because of the idea I'm falling 1000 feet above the ground and I need to pay for it, to scare myself... HaH! While on the other side of the world, kids like Daisy and other 60 people in their community is doing it like a normal thing to do before you can shops on your basic needs for their entire life because they  live in the secluded area , 60 people use that ziplining everyday.  Daisy is enjoying the zipline and higher than what I experienced and vow that I will not doing it again..for her its just normal thing just like walking. and its all free... (being sarcastic!)
      Watch the video of more kids with their playground...


Pinay Scribbles said...

that's scary!!!! i would never dare do that! but then again if i was in her shoes? i would have no other choice! it's sad that the government couldn't even place a school there so children doesn't have to travel dangerously that way!

but as you said, life is unfair! i hope daisy and the other kids will have better lives so their children wont have to do the same thing.

Jade said...

That's the best idea that government can do to them, they are living in the secluded area and only 100+ living in that town and they never bother to build a better road or bridge because residence their is only few.

love2type said...

i like zipline although it scares me too. if you are used to it like these kids, you wouldn't be afraid of it. it's all about adjusting and getting used to things i think




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