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August 9, 2011

A living miracle: Born at 23 weeks Survive!

     Born at 23 weeks and weighing just 1lb 7oz, Charlie Allen was most premature twin at the time of his birth.
He was given a bleak seven per cent chance of survival, but five years on he has defied the odds by growing into a healthy, happy little boy.

'He fit into my palm': Emma gave birth to Charlie at just 23 weeks
     The first-time mother Emma and her then husband Bobby, a carpenter from whom she has since separated, were stunned when she gave birth to Charlie and his brother Jack, who was even smaller at 1lb 4oz, so early into her pregnancy. 

    When Jack died after succumbing to an infection at 11 days old, doctors warned Mr and Mrs Allen that Charlie was facing the same fate and at one point gave him just 12 hours to live. At Norfolk the premature baby born lower than 24 weeks is a hopeless case of surviving and there for the parents are given the choice if they will resuscitate the premature baby. Mrs. Emma Allen didn't loose hope on Charlie and choose the survival of her premature baby despite the other died at Norwich University Hospital. 
    A heart breaking  scene to e a mother that cannot touch her baby because of his skin was so thin and it could tear off. Charlie is so fragile but a fighter.

Charlie has amazed all his doctors and the hospital staff. He was faced with battle after battle from the moment he was born, but he’s overcome them all – he’s a tough little fighter.

 Just 13 weeks after his birth, Charlie suffered a perforation in his stomach caused by medication he was being given to help close a hole in his heart. 

He had to have a major operation to remove blood clots from the healing wound before having a heart operation at 14 weeks to close the duct manually. 

He was 19 weeks old before he could be bottle-fed and it was not until he was 20 weeks, that his mother could hold him properly for the first time.

At five months, although he was still on oxygen, Charlie’s parents were finally allowed to take him to their home in Diss, Norfolk.

Charlie was not allowed to play with other children in case he picked up any illnesses until he came off the oxygen at the age of two. After all the odds Charlie is now healthy.

Only nine per cent of babies born at 23 weeks will ever leave hospital.


Steve Bailey said...

Wow.... that's pretty crazy! He was freekin smurf sized! Science is crazy amazing!

Pinay Scribbles said...

youll be amazed what science can do! when i went to a nursing school in here, they showed us a documentary film of a japanese lab that's trying to transplant limbs to a fetus in the womb.

maybe a few hundred or perhaps thousands of years from now, fetesus will be developing outside the uterus already? :D

who knows??? i mean, a few months from now, I will be trying my IVF, that is fertelizing an embryo outside the uterus...

anything's possible right? :D

love2type said...

some things just happen for a reason

unikorna said...

Very touching Jade, you sure know how to pick your topics :)>
The meatballs are simple, after you chop up all the ingredients, you mix it all together and then make little balls that you fry in a pan with some vegetable oil. That is all. If you cook them don't forget to post some pics to show your masterpiece :). Kisses.




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