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August 3, 2011

Its time to Change: The Egg

 There is nothing more certain in the world and in this life than CHANGE. No matter what people might think or what they might try to believe, everything is changing all the time, as we breathe in and out, as we eat and sleep and grow and go through our own spirals of unfoldment.

So here is a simple metaphor for change. It is called "The Egg" and I hope you enjoy it as much as reading my last post about cooking a perfect sunny side up egg.
I often have this feeling of stress and desperation because I am quite convinced nothing has changed.

I look around myself and all I see is what I always see.

Same house, same furniture, same pile of bills, same everything.

I work so hard and NOTHING is changing.

I thought that again about something the other day, and this large, beautiful golden egg came to my mind.

There it is, and it just sits there in its nest of straw.

It doesn't DO anything.

It doesn't change shape, it doesn't change colour.

It doesn't pulsate. It doesn't roll around.

You could look at it for DAYS AND DAYS and you'd come away thinking that it was just that and there was NOTHING GOING ON.

And yet, and if one was to extend one's feelers in a different way, one might become aware of the RIOT OF CHANGE that is taking place INSIDE the egg, a storm of re-organisation, feeding and growth, of total unfoldment as a bunch of random cells become a fish thing, which in turn becomes ever more defined and more complex, more organised in every way, more mature, more fantastic with every heartbeat, every breath that passes.

One day, and we know not when, the egg that lay so motionless for so very long and seemed to be nothing but an inert shape will begin to rock, and then it will crack, and the newly born dragon will emerge, spread its wings for the first time and take its first small steps.

Yes, there was change.

Even if we thought there wasn't.


Pinay Scribbles said...

there is change. It's the most constant thing on earth. However to notice the change that we so want to happen in our life is just boring. I am impatient. If I want something, I want it right there and then but we all know that's now how life works. That more often than never, we really don't have any other choice but to WAIT, patiently or impatiently, that's an individual's own problem because we cannot force time to speed up, only go by its own pace.

If we could just chill out, unstress ourselves once in a while and so on, the world would then be again a better place to live in. However this is one advise I don't even take. :P





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