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June 8, 2011

Spider Battle

     Spider fighting is a very popular brutal sport among  Filipino. The game begins by placing two spiders at opposite ends of a thin stick called a walis ting-ting (a broom made from the midribs of coconut leaves). The spiders are then guided  to one another by the referree until they wrestle. The rules are the spider must survive, battle of the fittest, avoid being killed and wrap by web of the opposite spider,  Also the  one who have most drop off the stick loses, it depend on the rules of aggreement of the owner of spiders on how many drops before it declares game is over. Most of the time the rules is simple as this "Last man standing"... uhmmm "Last spider standing!"

    Now this game is not only popular among  filipino children but also for adult . Not only for fun but for betting.  There's a tournament held for a spider fighting , just like cock fighting. Top fighters can fetch from US$5 or higher. 

    Most spider hunter hunts at night for them to locate easily the spider since all they need to do is use a flashlight and when they hit spiders web it will shine and check if there one brave spider. Some myth of hunter A spider that lives in Guava tree, jackfruit tree, accacia tree and the one who lives in the electric wire are the best.

But for me Nothing beats this two spider!!!

Now Place your bet.. Who will win??? :P





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