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June 28, 2011

The Sweet Goodbye: The Most Romatic Break-up

     Break-up is not really pretty. It is the last option when falling out of love and you need to break someones heart. Mostly after the break up, either you will ignore the one you love before and he/she is not existing in your world and you will not have respect to that person. Usually the couple will end up in a terrible break-up fight.
   As the saying "There's No sweet in saying goodbye.", but the two Chinese student proved that there is...Xu Minyu and Xiao Ying, two students from Wuhan’s University of Science and Technology,   the couple decided to break up upon graduating college, eventhough everything was great and their relationship is perfect between them. It wasn’t an easy decision for either of them, but they both agreed their careers were more important at this point in their lives. They believe it is impossible to make a normal relationship in a long distance. A long distance relationship just wasn’t going to work for them.

      Xu Minyu knows that her girlfriend love romantic proposal but the romantic break-up proposal wasn’t exactly what his Girlfriend had in mind, he thought it was the most appropriate way to end their sweet relationship.He decided to commemorate their 4 years of  love with a memorable ceremony.  It all went down last Thursday night of June 23, when, surrounded by burning candles and a crowd of fellow students, Minyu went up to his beloved girlfriend, carrying a bouquet of 99 roses, got down on one knee and asked for a break-up with all his heart and respect. Just like during a wedding proposal, the crowd shouted “Say yes, say yes”, and after a two-minute silence, Xiao Ying accepted the flowers and the proposal.

via China Daily


love2type said...

very nice and sweet break-up..

Pinay Scribbles said...

well this proves that not all break-ups have to end sour and bitter! :D




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