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June 10, 2011

Exotic Chicken

        Pinoys are known for their love for cooking and eating. Filipino dishes are easy to cook, but sometimes use a lot of different ingredients. With a little budget in hand and resourcefulness, Pinoy can have a delicious meal or an appetizer. Others will find it disgusting and for some of the list here will fall for the category of  exotic food. The throway part for others, the delicacy of the other one. So theres no room for waste.

So here is the list of Chicken Part

Chicken Spleen Arrozcaldo
      The guya rice porridge main ingredients is a sautéed ovary duct of a chicken. It is similar to arroz caldo Another variant of this is the egg caldo. Instead of using ovary duct or chicken meat, an egg is added on the
rice porridge.

Adidas (Chicken Feet)

       They called it adidas because of brand name of shoes adidas. Either you cook it by grilled or deep fried, You will enjoy and get challenged to eat adidas because of the small bones are hard to chew, it is diffucult to eat.  Most of the edible meat on the addidas consists of  skin and tendons that gives this feeling that you are chewing a gum.

the helmet

With the resemblance of the motorcycle helmet Filipino named the chicken head for that.
Helmet can be cooked my grilled. deep fried or adobo (sauteed with garlic & onion in vinegar and soy sauce). The distinctive taste of the chicken skin and the brain mkes its unique.

Isaw (chicken small intestine)
Can be grilled or deep fried. the bitter taste of Isaw is most likely feces. (check photos below).

Proben(chicken proven)
It's the proventriculus  of a chicken, dipped in flour with seasoning, and  deep-fried. Skewered on bamboo sticks to be dipped in the vinegar just before it is eaten or not, since the breedings give a delicious taste.

Betamax (chicken blood)
A chicken blood that has been formed in an open container. They called it betamax because of the shape. It is often grilled and dip in vinegar w/ soysauce.

Deep fried 1day old chick
Yep! a naked 1 day old chicks. Deep fried.

and here a photo from sidney Snoeck... A collection of Street food Barbecue. Bon apetite!

Note: As of now I still don't eat the helmet barbecue and the 1 day old fried!





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