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June 12, 2011

10 Greatest Horror Writer

      One of my favorite past time is reading horror novel. I thought that this top ten list  would be easy for me since I love the field.  I begun my list by refreshing my mind from all of the horror novels  that  I read  and checking the books I have.  I came up with over 80 , and a lot more names. Anne Rice appeared on my list but I excluded her  since most of her novel is about romantic vampire or dark fantasy.  It's now difficult for me to settle the list for 10 greatest horror writter because as my list shortened I felt sad for not including my favorite author. I must do it since my list is on horror.. HORROR! I emphasize the word because some novels that has the theme of vampires, werewolve, sci-fi and not some shining vampire.
     These are the writters that gave a reader a heart pumping novel and a sleepless nights!

 10. Algernon Blackwood

     Shame on me if Im not going to include Algernon Blackwood  in my list. This English  writer is one admired most and called "Masters" by no other than H.P. Lovecraft.  Two of his best known stories are  "The Willows"and "The Wendigo" . In fact Lovecraft describe "The Willow" to be the best weird tale of all time. Blackwood is the modern master of supernatural fiction. He is a legend of early horror and supernatural fiction.

 9. Robert McCammon
      This is the man that gave me the idea to put up a list of Master of Horror writer because as of now Im reading his latest novel "The Five". and He never fails giving a good novel . A 3 consecutive year awardee for winning Bram Stoker Award from  "Eat Me" 1989, "MINE" 1990, "Boy's Life"1991.  As of this year He won a total of 5 award from Bram Stoker Award.  During the 1980s only 3 names are easily be mentioned in the horror genre and McCammon is one them. His work are Baal, Bethany's Sin, They Thirst, Swan Song, Stinger , and "The Wolf's Hour ".


 8. Deen Kootz
      Koontz is best known for his novel for frequently incorporating the elements of horror, sciency fiction, mystery and satire.  Most of his books have appeared on the New York time's Bestseller List. His well known work was "Whisper" a novel about a psychotic man that kills a women he believes are possessed by the spirit of his abusive mother. Koontz under various pen name created a best seller such as  The Funhouse,  Demon Seed, Hideaway, Phantoms, the "Watchers" including the sequels, Intensity,  and The Servand of Twilight. In 1980s he is one of the 3 famous name than an avid reader recall when it comes to suspense/horror.

7. Rober Bloch
     Bloch is the man behind the character of Norman Bates. His "Psycho" novel took the horror world by storm and made a big influence literally hundreds of horror films. Without crazed Norman Bates and his motel of horror, would we ever have a Michael Myers , Fred Krugger , Jason Voorhees or any of those modern horror movie. Bloch wrote a sequel of Psycho called Psycho II that completely different  than film of the same name. He completed his Psycho trilogy in 1990 when he released the Psycho House. A hugo awardee for his 1959 Horror tale  "The Hell-Bound Train". He is one of the youngest member of Lovecraft circle.  His mentor is H.P. Lovecraft .

6. Ramsey Campbell
   Campbell won several  Bram Stoker awards. One of the most respected historians of Weird/Horror fiction, considers him "every bit the equal of Lovecraf or Blackwood." Most of his works are Lovecraft insipired tales such as "The Inhabitant of the Land ", "Less Welcome Tenants" , "Alone with the Horrors " (1993), " Demons by Daylight" (1973). Campbell 2008 novel "The Grin of the Dark " was one of the best horror novels of the year.

5. Clive Barker
      One of my favorite author is Clive Barker, I have his latest series Abarat (first book of Abarat Quintet), Abarat:Days of magic, Nights of War, Absolute Midnight ( the 3rd book of Abarat quintet). I must say Im a huge fan because whenever I save something associated with the name Clive Barker's , I must get it.. I even have the video games of Clive Barker's Jericho , Clive Barker's Undying. I just play them a little but its just my collection. As for his book Im still missing 6 novel.
    Clive Barker is best known for his work notably  the Hellraiser and Candyman Series. For the last 25 years the publication of Barker's Book of Blood series changed horror fiction as we knew in 1980s, ushering in a raw power of Stephen King  hailed as "the future of horror".  The six books feature 30 stories in all, several of them have been adapted into film such as The Forbidden (Candyman 1992), The Last Illusion (Lord of Illusions 1995), Midnight Meat train (2008) .

4. Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson is one of the greatest horror writer not to be influenced by H.P. Lovecraft. His 1954 novel I am Legend is one of the top ten greates horror novels ever written. Hollywood film adaption has failed to do the story justice, if you haven't read better read it to know the real story and to discover why it is one of the best!  Matheson wrote one of the most famous episodes of the original Twilight Zone TV series , Nightmare at 20,000 feet,  in which a traveler on an airplane sees a monster on the wing of the plane. Most of his work are turned into film or TV series  this are "The Incredible Shrinking Man, Stir of Echoes, Hell House (The Legend of Hell House), Trilogy of terror, Duel and many others....

3. Edgar Allan Poe
       Edgar Allan Poe's work cannot be described as anything else but macabre. His stories theme are deaths, torture, and premature burial. All of his novel have been adapted for film or TV such as  The Black Cat, The Cask of Amontillado, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Masque of the Red Death, Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell-Tale Heart .  He is truly a master in this field even his poetry has been adapted to film including The Conqueror Worm, The Haunted Palace, and the very well known The Raven .

2. Stephen King
      By the first time you saw the title of my list for Ten Greatest Horror writtersand the scary clown. You already have the idea that Stephen King will be here. He is the most important person in horror literature in the past 40+ years. Should I said type more about his work? With his huge accomplishment, Since most of the mortal here know He is the king of horrors. It all began with Carrie in 1974 and thus bgan a string of best-selling noves. Salem's Lot (1975), The Shining, "It" the movie that haunts me through out my childhood and avoiding the clown whenever I saw one. LOL. Theres a lot more in the list if we talk about adaptation.
If you still dont read  horror novel, better start with King's novel.

1. H.P. Lovecraft

     H.P. Lovecraft deseve to be number 1 on our list. the greatest name a horror writer could ever have.  He is the most influential horror writers. The conception of the Cthulhu Mythos, and its pantheon of terryfying deities and monstrositie remains the most importan creation in horror durin the 20th century. He shows incredible foresight by opening up the Mythos for writers to create their own character and stories.This are the group consisted of writers who would all become legends in their own right including, Rober Bloch, Clark Ashton Smith, August Derleth, Rober E.Howard, Frank Belknap Long, Henry Kuttner and August Derleth.
H.P. Lovecraft works are The Call of Cthulhu, The Colour out of Space, The Unnamable, At The Mountain of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Haunter in the Dark, The Shadow out of Time.





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