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June 7, 2011

A new payment system

Virtapay is the latest fad today because they offer a free virtual money for a new member and just by logging in everyday you will get a free virta dollar to spend from the virta merchant. Because of the potential of this virtual payment many of scammer and hacker are all eyes on this.
 Virtapay  is still in trial period or beta test. A lot of member gone crazy for this and so was the scammer. 

Some flaws  on beta test since launch. 
1. There's No  live support  or no way to contact any help when you have complaint . Since there is no way to contact a support the scammer saw an opportunity to lurk an innocent victim. I myself got scammed or I felt that someone cheat me.  I tried to buy the one that offer the paypal exchange but just a waste of virta dollar $ 900 in exchange for paypal, but I can say it is a total scam. After my purchase the seller gave me a link for the product in  but to my dismay when I'm about to download you need to fill up the survey where you must give your cell number .. I did what it required and even recieve a pin number which they sent to my mobile number but after all the hassle and putting the pin in the website, they declaring that my mobile number is a fake which is not , but instead I am required to sign up and purchase a product. It is annoying they are requiring me to purchase a product just to download a paypal coupon which I bought from the seller of virtapay.  I rather not , since Im not sure if the paypal coupon is working. I want a refund..  
2. I hope they also monitor the product that the user post most of the item that post in the buy section is just refferal link or porn link.
3. When you report a flag or click the flag tag , you will be back to the very first page of the buy section and I find it annoying when you are already in page 8 or higher, for me its time consuming since  I need to browse again from the very beginning of the page. I hope they put a tab for every pages of buy or put a section or categorize all the product.

This is for today and if you want to add something post it in a comment section. For now be aware of the seller. I'm going to check this new payment system if this is worth a try... Give it a try aswell





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