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June 8, 2011

VirtaPay : Legit or Scam

Many of the member of virtapay is still in doubt about this new  payment processesor  if this for real or just another scam. A lot of issue about virtapay and the reason about the rebranding their name from Paybox to virtapay. For some references about the issues Click here to read the article about virtapay,   and another here Article 2    , also Please check the review for Paybox in the second link.
     As for my point of view.
    1.) There is no risk  right now as there is no investment involved.
    2.) It's been 4 months now since I become a member and I  don't recieved any spam from the email. Im pretty sure as of this date I didnt have any spam mail because when I sign up to their site  I used a new gmail account solely for virtapay. I tested  if the site will give me a lot of spam email. And as of now None.
    3.) A few months ago, they had Google adsense on their blog site and been accused of gaining a huge revenue from those members clicking on advertisements.Now they remove the adsense from their blog.. hmmm!!!???  To prove that they are dedicated to make this payment processor a success? Well for me I visit the virtapay blog just to get informed and I only visit the blog whenever I saw a new post or notice in the main site of virta pay.
     4.) if you log in you will get a free $$$ ... Which is true but only virtual and as of this date the virtapay dollar has unknown real value. 

Thats for now.. just my observation..
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