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June 19, 2011

Humor: The Bank teller

     An Old lady customer at the bank who after cashing a cheque worth of $15,000 , turning to leave, She's almost at the exit door and discover the mistake of the cashier.
 The Old lady returns to the teller and says: "Excuse me, I think you made a mistake."
"I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do. You should have counted it. Once you walk away we are no longer responsible." the bank teller respond.

"Are you sure about that policy?" the old lady replies.
  "Yes Maam"tellers respond.
"Can you call your manager and the security for the mistake?" ask by the old lady.
"There's no need to call our security I will call the manager." replied by the bank teller in irritated voice.

The bank teller went quickly to the manager and tells the story.
The manager went to the old lady and says "Yes, maam its our Policy..." and the manager went back to his office. 
"I told you maam, It's our policy. Next time before you leave at the counter count your money because some pretend that we made mistake in able to get more and that trick is old school, we are avoiding that." exclaimed by the cashier.  
"Are you sure about that because...." the old lady didn't finish what she's about to say because the teller said "Policy is Policy maam" exclaimed in irritated voice..
Whereupon the old lady smile and replies: "Well, okay. Thanks for the extra $200!"





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