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June 9, 2011

Currency Arts

       Most of us busy making a dough or even try to find extra oppurtunity just to have more of the moneys to pay our bills, and support our needs. Some lucky people or should I say bored people or maybe  very artistic.  They  made a change from the strictly monetary nature of currency and turn into art.

      The image above is the sample work of a famous tattoo artist named Scott Campbell. To create that beautiful sculptured currency , he used laser to show a precise details of his work. Here are some of his artwork:

Creating this laser cut currency art will need a lot of patience.. not to mention a lot of dollar!

 Another artist who is making name in this kind of field is Justine Smith . She expertise art of currency by molding.

 Amazing isnt it? You too can try this kind of art just start with the cheaper one. How about cutting a thousands pieces of  $1 and start making a collage.

Unfinish sample work of art

Either you use laser, a shears , mold the paper or make a collage from it. What ever you can think as long as you embrace your inner Da Vinci. There's nothing wrong with it, as long as its your own money.





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