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June 30, 2011

Thank You

     Hooray.....Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!  
 The comeback of tym2laff is a success! I already hit over 100,000 page views. For me it is amazing accomplishment , a big come back of Tym2laff  from June 7,2011. I saw my blog slowly rising from the rank from the local ranking site of , tym2laff went on 37th spot, tym2laff is the only site who has the  address who made it to top50. In the international ranking site of blogtoplist tym2laff got the taste of 98th position, Now the rank went down to 173 position but its okay, still accomplishment from 672nd  down to 173. Slowly but surely. I spend 1 day promoting the site from networkblog, facebook and 2leep
        I hope when I hit 1 million pageview, If  I have enough fund from the bidads in able to have my very own domain. I love to see in the future.

   Thanks all for spending your time in TYM2LAFF, and participating in poll. THANKS ALL!


Anonymous said...

congrats.. as much as possible, i don't want to know my blog's standing in the world wide web... :)




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