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June 27, 2011

10 Common Lies of Men

    Nobody deserves to be lied, but there are no doubts that men are telling lies considerably and often. But so women do the same.
     If you have trust issues in your relationship, in general, a man may lie to you. Trust is something that you must build from the beginning of the relationship. Even though, a lot of people say ''white lies'' in order to make others feel better.  Some men lie because, as caring creatures they want to protect and spare the feelings of the woman they are dating or seeing.
      Here are some common lies told by Men  that you should know. Someday you might hear them from your partner and it is better to know their real meaning.

10. I love shopping with you!
      Really, since when did men loves to shop especially if items is not for him. Men would agree to be your companion for shopping but this doesn't mean he like it. He accepts to do this just to show you that he is different from the others and just to impress you. Don't be too happy because after a while he might had enough and get angry everytime you shops and buy a nonsense thing.

9. I like spending time with your friends.
     At the beginning this is ok, but not too much. Even if they are good friends of yours, He would like to spend more quality time alone with you and not with a bunch of friends of yours. If he didn't tell you already this, he will ask you to keep visits from your buddies at minimum and then he might keep pretending he loves them.

8. I love spending time with your family.
    The truth? Maybe twice a month. Think about it. Do you really think that men really likes to spend time with your family where everybody is criticizing him, judging him if he is the perfect man for you, compares to other men and watch his every move? When is necessary he agrees to spend time with your family but he doesn't do it with much pleasure even if he is pretending in front of you that he likes them very much.

7. You are good in bed.
     If he choose to speak about this topic without you ask him, you don't have to believe all he says. If he starts to compliment you about your sexual experience it doesn't mean that he really believes that. He is pushing the button to release your wild side and no inhibition when you are in private moment. Often a man who cares about a woman tell him all that he knows she wants to hear just to make her feel good about herself. So think about your lover, your relationship, your sexual experience and see if you really deserve compliments on this topic.

6. Nothing to worry, it happens to everyone.
If you just make a mistake, or fail in bed, you might hear this lie from your boyfriend. He doesn't want to show you how upset he is on you but in his mind thinks something else. I wouldn't be too sure that your mistake is forgiven and I would worry in not making too many '' accidents'' like these.

5.  You are my number 1.
    If you heard that , have a doubt because most men want to experience something or someone else. Men needs to explore in able for him to grow in every aspect of life. Reality, you are not the only 1 to be prioritize, He just said that for to give assurance.

4. "I'm fine" Nothing's wrong.

     Mend don't want you to tell the real truth because they are pretending that they are strong in every way bunt in real men are expecting that women would figure out that something is wrong and those the had a mistake with something , or didn't like the behaviour you showed.

3. I don't care from your past.
I hope you didn't believe this. We all know that this is definitely a lie. He just waiting for you to tell him your past and dont want to get rude for asking about your life. When he discovered your past to someone else, means "war" and the start of arguing. Definitely you must tell who you are, you past, no secrets to hide in able to build trust. and if the man really loves you, he will accept who you are because of being honest.

2.  Yeah, You're right.
Everytime you are arguing with your boyfriend usually ends up telling you that "You are right!"? Hearing this word will make you feel better and proud, but you have to know that this is a BIG LIE. Men said this just to make you stop nagging and shut up, even if he didn't consider that you are right. He knows that after you get calm and cool for a while you will see that he was right, and maybe waiting for apology.

1. You are Perfect. . I love just the way you are.
    Ever heard of Bruno Mars song "Just the way you are"? A love song for a perfect girl. Let's be serious; noody is perfect. If men tells you something like this , don't be enthusiastic because he finds you perfect and loving who you are just for a couple of days.  Men always said that because at the begining of a relationship didnt know you very well but after some time will definitely find something that needs changed.


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