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June 8, 2011

VirtaPay Scammer

  Are you a victim of scam seller?
    Since the launch of digital market of VirtaPay, the site has been flood of  Scammer seller  Some offers virtual currency exchange which is prohibited in their terms & condition, some introduce fake software, some unrelated items to what you really buy.   If you want to purchase on Virtapay just for the sake of trying how the system work or if its really okay and no bug. Try to find a cheaper item from the seller with the good and higher rating.
    I'm asking all the members to leave on my comment box with the username of the scammer and their site for the protection of other honest member. And hopefully the virtapay management will check and investigate all those who are in list.
List of scammer seller in virtapay

username                                          website

minhvuong2013   :                His scam site is here: 
                                         this is english site before and now 
                  it is vietnamese site.
          The site is entirely different now.
                           But I got history of transaction as a  proof. 
yumadbro        :                        :
                                               site is gone now and maybe a  new one again.

ala1632 :                              click his site  here  and  his software has virus
masmetok :                           he offer fake investment HYIP style
                                                       his site is here
moamenmk :                      Click here for the site
rizkidata:                             his fake investment program
queensbeseo                 his link    He spam in buying section of virta and been
                                                   monitoring this site from the day it was launched
                                                   and weird you cant leave a comment but
                                                   has some comment from poser user
                                                   with his so called proof..

Updated regularly! As long as there's a scammer The list will grow! thanks for informing us.

Please help us spread this post and fill the list of scammer user.  Together we will beat them.... RATE US! The higher the rating the better and longer chances to stay longer from the page of virtapay in able to raise awareness. 

click to get a link on how to avoid and detect a scam in any online payment processor and rate to raise awareness.

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