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June 20, 2011


Hemophilia is a blod disorder where even minor cuts and bruises can be an emergency case. That's because a person with hemophilia can bleed uncontrollably without proper medication. This is because substances that normally stop bleeding , called "clothing factors"are either absent or do not function properly in the blood.

Sever hemophilia : bleeding can happen after injury but could also occur spontaneously. A person with sever hemophilia bleed more often and needs  more medical attention.

Moderate Hemophilia : Bleeding happen less often  and only occurs following an accident.

Mild Hemophilia : Bleeding happens when a person has a toot extracted, undergoes surgery or has accident.

    Most bleeding due to hemophilia happens in muscle and joints. The types of bleeding that may put a patient's life in danger include :
1. Bleeding in the Head.
2. Throat bleeding
3. Bleeding gut
4. Bleeding in lliopsoas area ( muscles in front of the groin area).
    When such bleeding occurs the patient must get medical attention immediately.

When bleeding is suspected in a person with hemophilia, take these first aid measures.

  • Rest the injured part of the body
  • Cover the bleeding area with cloth and then apply something cold on it. Use ice or some other soft, frozen material.
  • Use a splint and/or bondage to immobilize a bleeding joint. Do not wrap  the joint very tightly
  • Raise the bleeding joint or muscle higher than chest lever and rest it on somethin soft.

To identify the person with this kind of disorder. a person with Hemophilia should wear a medical identification such as Medic-Alert bracelet or necklace. An alternative would be to have a card with information written down by a health worker. This information should include what type of hemophilia a patient has, and the treatment he or she needs. a patient should always carry the information.





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